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Stewardship Committee

What We Do

The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to develop and recommend to the church body an overall commitment plan based on biblical teachings that inspire members to serve and give. It is also responsible in part for the practice of good stewardship relative to money matters, property, the environment, and all of God’s creations. Specifics include but is not limited to:

  1. The recruitment of committee members for this work and meet periodically with the pastor;
  2. Confer and maintain accurate records of meetings, its votes, policies and procedures affecting operations; prepare budget annually, generate church council and other reports requested of the committee; educate members year-round about stewardship matters, updates, opportunities, and more;
  3. Spearhead the commitment process (secure training, develop and update plan, schedule campaign events, select presenters for testimonies, disseminate materials to all possible members, analyze, evaluate and report outcomes, develop and update the ministry webpage, data collection, newsletter entries, responsible for written/verbal/graphic communications, etc.)
  4. Serve on the finance committee; assess periodically the church’s financial condition, make recommendations and secure percentage of increase or decreases/from the finance committee; and more.

Stewardship committee work requires about 45 hours of service annually especially during the months from July to November, especially the chair.


Stewardship Committee Goals
  1. The main focus of the Committee is to broaden the understanding of stewardship beyond “paying the bills” so people will see both the responsibilities of funding mission and ministry to grow disciples”.
  2. Develop a stewardship webpage ministry that educates and informs Saint Matthews’ members about all stewardship matters (terminology, faithfulness, social justice, mercy, service, the environment, financial giving and saving, recycling and more).
  3. Increase the number of pledgees in 2022 for 2023 by 25% focusing on children, youth and young adults.
  4. Establish the #1GIVEUMC where we invite people to make donations (financial, products and services) to our local church in honor/memory of a loved one and their legacy of faith.
  5. Establish a means of recognizing donors that gift the church.
  6. Determine the communications models to disseminate the “Worship & Service Opportunity” reports for each ministry and select committees.
  7. Increase our year-round presence via testimonials, newsletter articles, a bulletin, and more.





Robert Chiles
Howard Drake
Tia Hodge-Powell
Albertina McGirt